Tuesday, June 28, 2011

fair leather

the verdict is in! vogue says leather is no longer reserved for winter! 
i discovered this interesting fact as i shopped last week for the perfect dress for a style event! 
i came across this awesome leather dress i couldn't pass up
BUT i couldn't help but think to myself, "leather in the summer?!?"
Yep! Vogue just posted on June 16 the new summer leather look! 
the leather top!

leather skirt!

definitely want this!

both of these are amazing!

looks so light-weight and comfortable!

myself in the middle
knock-off leather dress: Sasha $15 clearance :)
feather necklace: forever21 $6
gold glitter heels: Sasha $22
gold stud earrings: forever21 $3
I'm thrifty, what can I say?

cheetah clutch: Sasha $5 :)

makeup artist Edward Sanchez applying his NEW silk lashes :)

Vogue Fair Leather - check out the rest of the leather looks!

Monday, June 27, 2011

vogue best dressed week June 27

Visit VOGUE to vote for your favorite best dressed this week! 
Check out a few of the selections
Julia Sarr-Jamois
Christopher Kane skirt
Prada sunglasses

Lady Gaga
Valentino trench & Christain Louboutin shoes

Maria Shrapova
Alexander McQueen dress
Lara Bohinc Jewelry 


sweat is fat crying

don't be jealous, be inspired! 
it's summer, it's hot, you know you've secretly been dying to shed some pounds or just get fit! 

toned tanned fit & ready 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

it's raining men, hallelujah

enough with the female faces. time to bring out the boys
guys can wear bracelets too! totally diggin the bag & shoes

oh the side part

the gold watch! 

his tattoo says TEXAS on his arm, YES!

the jean button down, I have one- who doesn't?

BITE? yes please :)

love the shoes & the tank

hmm looks a little like Taylor Lautner 

this made me giggle.

this boy does not look old enough for tattoos

my boy toy, sir clark with his look-alike Michael Cera

hmm seductive 

haha! creative 

not sure what I would do with this hair!

urban outfitters
jessy simone 
client magazine 
carbon copy