Tuesday, June 28, 2011

fair leather

the verdict is in! vogue says leather is no longer reserved for winter! 
i discovered this interesting fact as i shopped last week for the perfect dress for a style event! 
i came across this awesome leather dress i couldn't pass up
BUT i couldn't help but think to myself, "leather in the summer?!?"
Yep! Vogue just posted on June 16 the new summer leather look! 
the leather top!

leather skirt!

definitely want this!

both of these are amazing!

looks so light-weight and comfortable!

myself in the middle
knock-off leather dress: Sasha $15 clearance :)
feather necklace: forever21 $6
gold glitter heels: Sasha $22
gold stud earrings: forever21 $3
I'm thrifty, what can I say?

cheetah clutch: Sasha $5 :)

makeup artist Edward Sanchez applying his NEW silk lashes :)

Vogue Fair Leather - check out the rest of the leather looks!

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  1. Never thought I'd consider wearing leather in this heat, but I can't wait to pull out my leather skirt! You rocked the look!