Friday, July 1, 2011

M2M Style Lounge

Thanks to We Run Houston for posting their lovely photos on their Facebook page, I have more awesome pics to share with my followers!! This is what goes on in Houston, TEXAS people!! A fashion clothing store turns into club/lounge at night where you can receive a special percentage off if you shop at the event AND enjoy complimentary drinks!!! Check it out! =)

 The Lounge on the outside 

 He's GAY! haha this event took place in Montrose, BTW. Motrose is a gay community 
 the dancer at the door!
 i know, my outfit rocks :)

 loveee her tat!


We Run Houston


  1. clubbing where u can also shop??!!!amazing idea!let's go to texas :))) now!

  2. What??? I need to check this place out! Thanks for letting us know.