Monday, July 11, 2011

taking back sunday

When I was in middle school & some of high school, Taking Back Sunday was one of my favorite bands! I saw them in concert a handful of times and was pleased to meet the drummer, Mark O'Connell, and the former bass player, Matt Rubano. I have just discovered that the band has taken John Nolan back - who was a previous member years ago and they have made a new self titled album, Taking Back Sunday! I was shocked to hear the sound of the first single, "Faith (When I Let You Down)" it sounds better than ever before and I may just be a Taking Back Sunday fan all over again. I always had a crush on the lead singer, Adam Lazzara :)
Yay for Taking Back Sunday coming BACK! 

tbs website

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  1. never heard of them but now i am curious to check them out :)