Monday, May 2, 2011

birthday hoppin

hello friends!
it's Monday again and a fellow mate had a birthday over the weekend 
we celebrated in the lovely Montrose area at Cafe Brasil 
Cafe Brasil is located on Westheimer where all the amazing fashion stops are.
Here's the scoop on what's near by

the birthday girl & i 

 inside the lovely cafe brasil
unique arts on the wall
try their pizza, it's amazing

american apparel is right down the street

 buy and sell

 about houston
 about houston


  1. I just went to American Apparel today and got one of those fabulous clutches that are all over everyone's blogs. Now I see what the fuss is about...they're too cute!

    Love your blog!

    Stop by mine some time at

  2. Awesome! Thanks for commenting, I'd LOVE to see your clutch! Post a picture :)

  3. I used to shop at taxi taxi, buffalo exchange and leopard lounge... But I think they closed down. We still hit up the antique shops searching for great props for our photo biz... Brasil has some of the best coffee too! You should check out Empire cafe and Augora if you havent already. So good!