Thursday, May 19, 2011

"oh my god this is great"

Last night I was invited to a concert on a whim by the lovely Rachel from Rachel Getting Fashion. Rachel just moved back to Houston, TX from San Marcos with a degree in fashion merchandising! With me being one of the lucky friends she knows here in Houston, she invited me to see BRUNO MARS!
Opening for Bruno Mars was Patrick Stump, who most of us would recognize as the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. He recently started his solo career and appears to be doing well for himself as he was the opening act for Bruno Mars. Following Stump, we saw Janelle Monae (WOAH) this chick was delightfully energetic and thrilling. Both Stump and Monae were awesome performers. After those appetizers we were served dessert entitled BRUNO MARS & boyy he was tasty! He was excellent on stage and appeared to have TONS more talent than they portray on the radio. I think that last night I definitely fell for Bruno Mars. He's cute, charming, has good style, he can sing, dance, plays guitar, and has a lovely way of talking to the ladies in the crowd. Here's to Bruno Mars, cheers.

Patrick Stump
Janelle Monae 

the one & only Bruno Mars
Top: Forever Fashion @ Marshal's
Black Jeans: Stretchy skinnies @ Target
Sandals: Wet Seal 
Jewelery: Feathered Necklace @ Forever21 Orange Necklace @ Forever21
Belt: Vintage

Tank: Frenchi
Bandeau: Frenchi
Jorts: American Eagle
Headband: Tasha
Shoes: Converse


  1. Nice post- looks like you had a great time. Thanksf for following and commenting! Following you back! xo

  2. wow awesome! I Love janelle monae! shes so amazing! i can imagine how awesome this was! :) great post :)