Wednesday, May 4, 2011

happy belated royal wedding party

A few gal friends and I had a belated Royal Wedding tea party 
We celebrated with cupcakes, cookie cake, Pimm's with Sprite 
and watched the Royal Wedding on DVR
It twas a delightful evening as we watched the prince marry his bride 
we had a few guests join us: the puppies and the kitty 

 beautiful cupcakes in tea cup holders :) along with the wonderful magazine collection: VOGUE :)
 puppy surprise joining the tea party
one of our other guests :)
 miss valentines 
but of course, the cake :)

To celebrate we opened a bottle of Pimm's and mixed it with sprite
Pimm's was the best choice as it is actually a British liqueur from London
Instead of making the popular fruity Pimm's cup, we mixed it up a bit and poured ourselves a serving in a nice little tea cup.

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