Thursday, May 5, 2011

normal gets you nowhere

A few days ago I received an email saying something a little like this...
Hello Sarah,
Hope all is well! My name is Jordan Brodsky, and I am an Associate Producer at MTV. Your passion is apparent. I would love to chat with you in regards to the Kelly Cutrone MTV opportunity in further detail.
And my response was HOLY CRAP!
So who is Kelly Cutrone?
All you fashion people should definitely know this! 
OR if you're a fan of The Hills or The City which premiered on MTV, she has been on both shows
Kelly Cutrone has been seen as a fashion icon, a celebrity, a hard-core bitch, and a mentor.
Everyone has different opinions of her and I personally admire her work and wish to learn within her area of expertise
She is the founder of People's Revolution a public relations fashion firm
She has appeared on The Hills and on The City 
She has had her own show called Kell on Earth and has also written two amazing books!
If I make the casting I could be working with Kelly Cutrone soon and I would FOR SURE take the opportunity, no questions asked!

 kelly cutrone 

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  1. Congratulations.