Tuesday, May 3, 2011

stingy ol' me

Might as well call me a starving actress because I work for no pay all the time
I have very little cash, maybe just enough for gas money and of course the things I want
This weekend may just kill me. It's my boyfriend's birthday, mother's day, and my iPhone bill is due!
Well what about me?!? What about what I want. Here comes the sweet snob again. 
I have a list of things in my mind that I want. I have coupon expiration dates written down on my calendar.
I thank God I don't have money because I'd probably be a shopoholic
I've been wanting this dress for 2 months and it's finally on clearance at Pacific Sunwear

The shoulder work is fantastic. This dress is so unique for Pacific Sunwear. 
It's designed by Lucy Love & it's the Coco Stripe Floral Dress now on clearance for $24.99

I think some awesome wedges would definitely give this dress some attitude
I went shopping at my local target and found these..
Awesome and easy to walk in
They're made by Xhilaration with a tawny wedge
The zipper in the front zips all the way down and are quick to put on;
No straps, no buckles, no ties, and the leather looks quality
Now on sale for $19.99
Who knew fashion could be so cheap
Perhaps I will still have money left over to think about me this weekend after all the other expenses are taken care of. Ahh, let's hope so :) 

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