Monday, May 16, 2011

So if it's just tonight, the animal inside, let it live and die

I think we all know that animal prints and styles will never leave fashion or go out of style
It used to be all about the cheetah print, then it was cow, and zebra; now it's all about vintage animals such as the owl, wolf, fox, and rabbit. Fashion seems to jump back and forth from the Flower Phase to the Animal Phase to the Stripes and Polka Dot Phase and back to the Animal Phase again. Which ever phase you're in, I'm sure you rock it well. Let the animal inside come alive as you show your true colors.

The animal that never seems to leave fashion is the Cheetah. Then along came the big bad wolf bringing his friends the sly fox and the timid owl. Bunnies and Elephants have made a break through a few times but I'm sure we will see them more :)

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  1. Hi! I'm Linh of La-La Linh and just stumbled onto your blog thru IFB. I'm your newest follower. So...I saw that you are from SL! I grew up there!!! So excited to find other native Houstonians :)

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