Sunday, May 22, 2011

it's my fist against your pearly whites

ZTS is starting a new series of Jiu-Jitsu/ Grappling tournaments that will be coming to a city near you! With all of their experience and listening to competitors and coaches from all over, they have taken ideas and suggestions and have created ZTS Tournament Series. There will be Gi and No Gi divisions. The tournaments will have the highest quality equipment that you come to expect from Zebra, great referees, some fun twists and all at an affordable price. They want to offer competitors a chance to compete and have fun and not have to break the bank but without compromising quality and the level of competition.

So when you think of this type of event, most people envision tatted up guys, muscle heads, and a bunch of guys running around shirtless and so on. Well, if that's how you envision it, I can tell you you're right. In the mornings of these events we try to skip out because it is mostly children but as the day goes on and the older divisions start the competition gets a bit more serious.
"NO GI" means you're grappling on mats with either shorts and a shirt or shorts and NO shirt
"GI" means you wear something that looks like the image below in order to pull on the other man and take him down or get him to tap out. The gi is used as an advantage for both competitors. It can be white, blue, black, red, and yesterday I saw a girl in a PINK one.

Of course as I only go to support my boyfriend, I do not participate in these events or wear things of this nature. But for the first time on my blog I will show a different style of mine that I like to wear to these types of events and also when I work out.
protect this house i will tank: Under armor
leopard bra: jcp
sports bra: walmart
jeans: miss me
lime green headband: target
of course in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments there are weight classes and belts. my boyfriend is a white belt with stripes, meaning he is an intermediate white belt who has been training for 2-3 years. solid white with no stripes can be seen as beginner. 
This is the order of belts in which you are considered a master professional as you reach brown and black. it's not as easy as karate. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can take up to nearly 20+ years to accomplish sometimes depending on how regularly you are available to train and learn the skills

board shorts and grappling shorts are a popular wear for the boys at these tournaments

Elvis Clark fighting in body glove board shorts and gomji gear top which is short for Get Off Me gear. The tournament took place in Houston at the University of Houston's main campus in the recreation center. It was a very organized and well kept facility for this type of event.
I have been to a few of these tournaments since I have been with my boyfriend and have found them to be very political. It's almost like girls on different cheer leading squads, there are always haters and the competition is aggressive. If you leave one gym for're looking at a big deal. Hope you learned some new things :) until next time...every day is a runway.

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