Wednesday, May 11, 2011

summer days make me feel fine

So I must say, and no disrespect towards any fashion bloggers, but last night a kind little person told me how adorable my blog is and how cute my style is. And my response of course was thank you and that I try my best to keep up with all these hard-core fashion bloggers who post these beautiful new things almost daily with expensive clothing and give-aways and she said to me, OH NO your blog is perfect, because the average person doesn't buy expensive clothing and that most fashionistas can relate to my blog so that was inspiring and I needed to hear that little message. I'm not in this for fame or money, but for fun simply because I love fashion :)
but anyway...
i was pleased to buy some new sunglasses yesterday from forever21 :)
got new pairs in black and brown for only 5.80 a piece! yippie!!
the tube dress is also from forever21 and it was only $10.80
the leggings are from wet seal they were $5
belt is vintage: mom's closet :)
sunday, mother's day attire in my grandmother's vintage bathroom! 

ah I loved seeing this as I browsed through the magazines at Target :)


  1. I def believe that the person makes the clothes. You can have expensive designer clothes with no style, and no one will care. Your blog is adorable, and you have great style.

  2. yeah, i definitely favor blogs that have a more "attainable" aesthetic. cute boots iny our last post!