Saturday, May 7, 2011

the fashion of food

Last night was my boyfriends birthday
He decided he wanted to invite friends and family to our local Kona Grill in Sugar Land, TX
Kona Grill is a place we go to often as they have an amazing happy hour menu that is extremely reasonable in price. In celebration of his birthday we ordered a few new drinks we have never tried as well as new dishes and desserts. It was all fantastically prepared and the service was great! If you have never been to Kona Grill I would definitely recommend it! Here are a few drinks, dishes, and desserts we tried. 

From 3-5 p.m. Monday-Friday Kona Grill has an outstanding happy hour. The Watermelon Cosmo is delicious and is very very affordable!

We started off the night with a couple Sake Bombs. Not a fan of beer or the Sake Bomb but it was a very fun drink and leaves you with a nice warm feeling. Many people place chop sticks on top of their glass and set the mini Sake Bomb cup on top of the chop sticks. Then, when you bang on the table the two chop sticks split creating an opening for the bomb to fall through and you drink as quick as you can like you would a shot. Very fun!

The atmosphere inside Kona Grill is very elegant. This is the sushi bar and a giant fish tank lines the wall with colorful fish and even an eel!

The Sunshine Roll is my absolute favorite! It's topped with salmon and lemon slices. This roll is a little on the pricey side but definitely worth it! 

Another fantastic drink we tried, the Strawberry Basil Lemonade with Rum. If you are a fan of Basil this is the drink for you! Kona Grill adds a lot of the leaves for the minty flavor.

Ah the Creme Brule! I'm not a fan of Creme Brule, but Kona Grill's Brule was to-die-for! Very creamy and soft, just enough crunch and just enough bitter to even out the sweet! Perfect.

OH MY! The Red Velvet Cupcake! SPEECHLESS!

Of course let us not forget the Kona Grill attire! 
He is wearing: A purple button down from Express
I am wearing: A long floral halter dress I found at Marshals, the brand name is Kiwi

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  1. O my gosh! All this looks amazing! I loveee SUSHI! Thanks for inspiring me to get sushi for lunch today!