Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"men are from Mars, women are from Venus"

As I progress with my blog I'm finding there are not as many bloggers with men's fashion postings that there are women with their jewelery,makeup,&clothing!
Therefore, I have decided that each week at some point and time I will support the men by posting mens fashion wear and accessories. Ladies be sure to comment and let us know what you would like to see your men wearing! And men, I'd love your feedback on the styles I'm picking-hopefully they will be ones you love
Don't forget Mother's Day this weekend boys!

 Johnny Depp & Leather Bracelets
 leather shoes: stylesalvage

 the pink polo shorts
 urban outfitter tanks :)) beachy boy mmm

Esquire looks

sports wear

love the color of the brown belt
the boots
his hair
straps & tats 
the glasses

joes on his own- details magazine
the hair!
the suit
his stripe jacket
love the key necklace!! 
his cross necklace
the light jeans
his jacket

the white jeans
royal wedding attire

the yellow bottoms
his boots.his shirt
the jacket.his hair

his boots. his jacket

his glasses & necklace

the black tank

the white vest

style salvage
elitist view
gentry style
smaggle style
polaroids on sidewalks
travis bow
patrick schwarzenegger
another fashion interpreter 
samana live


  1. Very nice looks. I like Johnny Depp's hat in one of the pictures. I also like the white suit look. Very cool fashion suggestions. I would like your thoughts on face wash or something along those lines... I prefer organic washes. Just an idea for next mens style blog in the future. Good read.

  2. Thanks Kris :)
    I will for sure do my next post on men's products
    I'm also looking to write more instead of just post pictures, so I'm working on it :)